In my Youtube recommended videos, was this.

I like watching Youtube while eating lunch and pushing cats away. I did see myself in a few things, but all of it could be chalked up to other ….uh, pathologies I have.

I’m not clean, neither in self or house. I clean really well maybe once a week.

I love watching drama unfold, but causing it myself, not so much. Though I do talk about my drama way too much.

I am ruled by my emotions, but I do feel for other people, and am aware that other people suffer far worse than me.

i can’t deal with criticism well at all. I generally fly into a rage alone if I feel someone close to me is being unfair. I don’t seek revenge.

I can feel myself wanting to be as good as someone else at things if not better, and I hate when I’m wrong or don’t know something. I hate admitting I’m wrong or in the wrong ever.

I do worry sometimes I don’t feel some things as much as normal. Some people never get over the death of close people. I honestly think I miss the feeling of being loved more than I miss my family, but they’ve all been dead for years now. I can remember finding a dead young kitten with a friend. She wept, but I was like ‘the kitten isn’t suffering.’ If the kitten was alive and crying I would feel it deeply, but as it was deceased, not much at all.

I think that is all. Oh, and I’m afraid of being abandoned, too.

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