I’m Lisa. Thank you for stopping by and please feel free to comment. I’ve had OCD all my life practically. I started getting weird at age 5, diagnosed at 17, and now I’m 32.  I have intense social anxiety and am super mega ultra sensitive. I still live with my mother and 3 cats…guess you could say we are co-dependent. Doesn’t my life sound like must read material?

So why am I writing this blog? A few reasons, really.

A.) I really want to be of use to someone somehow. Maybe listening to the crap that goes through my head would make someone else with anxiety feel better because someone   had thought the same thing or similar?  Blind leading the blind.

B.) I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. Well, here I am, grown up and not a writer. But I still want to write, regardless.  I only recently got re-inspired though, so here I am.

C. Writing stuff down always did make me feel better.

So there you have it. Please comment  a hi sometime if you want or tell me to talk about something. But if you’re gonna tell me I suck at writing or life in general, try to say it in a nice way because I am sensitive and junk.

Thanks again,


How to contact me: Send a comment saying you’d like to email me and I will give you the addy or snatch it from when I comment on your blog, or tweet at me -follow my twitter and I will follow back, that way you can direct message me. Thanks!

Update: Now I’m 42. It’s 10 years later. Mom’s been dead 9 years and I live alone.

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    • Thanks for commenting!
      Actually, I do write a bit everyday, but often takes me a few days to write these little missives. I have 3 posts in the works right now…Hopefully I’ll spit another one out tonight.


  1. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. The honeysuckles in my youth were yellow too. I hadn’t ever seen any pink ones till I bought the one for my mother. I also gave one to my daughter for Mother’s Day and found out that her husband REALLY likes honeysuckle. I’m not OCD but I can be really anal about things and it appears I have passed that trait down to my children. My oldest grandson (just turned 17) was diagnosed as ADHD when he was quite young but just recently they’ve added OCD tendencies to that and put him on another medication that seems to be helping much better than the previous meds did. If you go back through my older posts you’ll find pictures of him and my other grandchildren. 🙂


    • Hi,
      Thought I replied to this, but it must not have gone through. Thank you very much and will definately keep up with your blog. I’m glad your grandson is doing better!


  2. “Well, here I am, grown up and not a writer.”

    Hi Lisa – I’ve just been reading and enjoying your stuff and I think you most definitely need to take ‘not’ out of that sentence.x


    • Yes Lisa, I would Agree totally with Deborah here! You need to X out any negativity. There is plenty in the world to go around and it will naturally find those who call to it.

      Do not call it unto yourself. It will find you. And it always tries to thwart those who are creators. I had only the time for a read or two and I like what I have read, You’ve a natural talent. Grow it into two, then three, and so on and so on.

      I have several sites that I am trying to connect and build something worth using myself.

      From my Poetry Blog you can find a lot of stuff! Someday I will finish Organizing It all.

      But A Seeker seeking might find a Jewel or two. Thanks for the Inspiration. I am 52 going on a 100 but how I feel has nothing to do with it; my age.

      Keep up the good works and I to know the feeling of a Brain that never rests.

      Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man @ Poetry Write & Other Stuff from Sinbad the Sailor Man http://sinbadthesailorman.blogspot.com/


  3. I love your raw honesty. Most hide behind themselves, but the best writers use their experiences. Never give up your dream, you are still young and it’s achievable as long as you are alive. I thank you for visiting me … as I am old and sometimes feels out of touch with what the young folks are writing about love, and more love.


  4. Hey, Lisa!

    I’ve read many of your comments on Invisible Mikey’s blog and have finally got round to having a look at yours. I love your language. It’s so warm. I imagine sitting with you by a log fire with a cup of hot chocolate and maybe a cake. Truly, blogs are the best thing for those who have a yearning to write, but have not had an outlet for it. As far as I’m concerned, if you’ve put your thoughts and feelings out there in an engaging way and you have an audience that appreciates it, you’re a writer.

    I hope to be popping in on your blog from time to time, and if I think I have something worth saying, I’ll comment. By the way, there’s nothing wrong with sensitivity. It shows you’re paying attention!


  5. I was wondering if I could use your “Rapture-not-so-ready” poem in this poetry notebook I’m doing for English class. If you don’t have a problem with this I would need your last name so I can give you proper credit. Thank you!


  6. @Lisa
    I have not visited for a month and when you read the most recent post on my personal blog you will know why.

    Setting that aside, be still my beating heart! Your blog title and Tagline are effective and including space they come in at under 61 characters! Cool! You have a high chance of Google choosing to display it.

    Your About page is very well done too. It’s good to connect with you again.


  7. Thanks for droppping by at my blog. I write Dark Satire. Hope you liked it. Would expect some participation from you in terms of comments etc.

    You seem to be a dilligent blogger yourself. Keep up the good work. Cheers!!


  8. Hey Lisa,

    First of all, thank you so much for subscribing to my bog of bits and pieces because it has brought me to Lisa land and I am so looking fwd to exploring more! You let it hang out so well and in such great style.

    See you around!


  9. Participating in Dr. SJQ’s discussions is helpful to us all. Never allow yourself to be limited by anything and work beyond it. Immobilization is death and interaction is life. Thanks subscribing my blog.


  10. Hi Lisa, Thanks for joining my blog Word Warrior. I read some of your blog and liked how you write. Open, honest and refreshing. It’s great to see the world through someone else’s eyes other than my own. You have an interesting take on things. It hurts me to read that you think you’re not a writer. You are so go and do what you like to do best. I’ll keep reading.



  11. Hey there
    The things you come across when you randomly google after a bad OCD day. Of course, I google ‘ocd’ ‘venlafaxine’ ‘side effects’ all the things I shouldn’t when on the road to recovery ( that’s what everyone thinks). Anyway I also typed ‘OCD blogs’ and found you. I too always wanted to write, and wondered about doing a blog. I loved yours. Although your journey is a sad one, you helped someone across the pond to feel like they were not the only person in the world. I know I’m not, I know there’s millions of us, but a blog is that much more personal isn’t it?
    I’m rambling, but well done for how far you have got, the death of your mum must be devastating, soul destroying. But i know you will get through it. You write with strength. keep going and keep going.
    With love and empathy, Emma


  12. I tried all sorts of therapy and meds to control OCD until about four years ago I tried Citalopram. It was amazing, it let me take a step back from my anxiety and understand what my head had been doing. Have you tried it?


    • Hi, sorry it took me so long to reply. Things are hectic here.I was on celexa several years ago. It did seem to help, but my doctor at the time thought it was a good idea to switch me to Effexor (didn’t do nearly as well). Thanks for visiting!


  13. Dear Lisa,

    My goal in life is to share joy: from the ground up. If you are a dog person (and even if you’re not) you should drop by my blog sometime. I’d love to see you there. 🙂


  14. Hi there Lisa,
    I just wanted to say thank you for choosing to follow http://postsofhypnoticsuggestion.wordpress.com/, it’s much appreciated. Yesterday’s post is about the launch of my hypnotherapy downloads page and I’m so excited I’ve included a discount for WordPress!
    In case you feel like it, I’m on Twitter (https://twitter.com/tbtalks) and have a blog Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/PostsOfHypnoticSuggestion). If you do tweet or use FB I’d be glad to have your company.
    Wishing you all the best


  15. Thank you for following “A Way With Words.” My joy in writing is made more complete when people read what I’ve written (and even more as they respond).

    I write primarily about faith and mental illness, but I’m also known to dabble in other subjects, stories, and even the occasional poem. If you have any requests, please let me know.

    I appreciate what you are doing here in sharing your story and striving to help others. I pray you are blessed in your life and writing, as you bless others.

    Tony Roberts


    • Hi Tony I Know the Feelings and I to do the Same. I’ll try to find you if I remember to Seek out your Blog I think Lisa has done very well here. With Hers.

      Some Would be poets like myself give up way to early and too easily. This game is not an easy one to play but as you said when someone reads and then comments it makes the doing of It much more rewarding, than not.

      Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man @ Poetry Writes & Other Stuff from Sinbad the Sailor Man

      “Never Give Up Never Surrender to Infinity and Beyond.” ~ Buzz Lightyear Toy Story the Movie.


  16. Hi Lisa, I stumbled across your blog because I saw your comment on another blog post about pimping. (I have been watching a lot of SoftWhiteUnderbelly interviews on YouTube and wanted to learn more so I was googling what pimps do, found that blog post and then subsequently found you). Obviously I don’t know you and I don’t know if my words will mean much to you but reading your posts and how you call yourself “the biggest piece of shit on earth” saddens me and I feel compelled to tell you that you have value in this world. I have a blog, too, you can find me at paperstarsweb.wordpress.com where I write mostly prose poetry. That doesn’t matter, though. What I really wanted to tell you in this rambling message is that I see you, you and your pain are valid, and I care about your wellbeing.

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