I’m Lisa. Thank you for stopping by and please feel free to comment. I’ve had OCD all my life practically. I started getting weird at age 5, diagnosed at 17, and now I’m 32.  I have intense social anxiety and am super mega ultra sensitive. I still live with my mother and 3 cats…guess you could say we are co-dependent. Doesn’t my life sound like must read material?

So why am I writing this blog? A few reasons, really.

A.) I really want to be of use to someone somehow. Maybe listening to the crap that goes through my head would make someone else with anxiety feel better because someone   had thought the same thing or similar?  Blind leading the blind.

B.) I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. Well, here I am, grown up and not a writer. But I still want to write, regardless.  I only recently got re-inspired though, so here I am.

C. Writing stuff down always did make me feel better.

So there you have it. Please comment  a hi sometime if you want or tell me to talk about something. But if you’re gonna tell me I suck at writing or life in general, try to say it in a nice way because I am sensitive and junk.

Thanks again,


How to contact me: Send a comment saying you’d like to email me and I will give you the addy or snatch it from when I comment on your blog, or tweet at me -follow my twitter and I will follow back, that way you can direct message me. Thanks!