My only friend hates me. I wish I was with you. She even said because of my psych issues they would never have let me give you part of my liver. That I was all talk. How will I ever live that down? I won’t kill myself but there’s nothing left on this earth for me. You know how much I prayed for you, how I begged. You know everything.


If God were merciful,

it would be me in your stead.

Your GED study book lays

unopened on your bed.

Your mother prays over

your body,

Your beautiful mind and soul

part from earth evermore.

Thirty-four, you won’t grow old;

It’s not fair, but life seldom is.

Comforting you gave me some

purpose, now I’m empty.

You were so close to turning your

life around from the cliff that

you strayed too close.

Say hello to my mother for me.