It’s election day, my air conditioner isn’t working, and they’re having some sort of breakfast social at my complex. Free Chick Fil-A. Should be a gay old time. The only problem is, chicken does not belong on a sandwich and I’m asocial. I like people, don’t get me wrong, but like any good mental defective, I distrust my neighbors. And the apartment staff. And my inability to look and act like a normal human being. Plus, what if I made friends here, and I once again get dragged through the rumor mill? What if my old friend, she who wants me around only if she wants something, is there and starts talking about me?

When the woman across the street from me passed who had a penchant for getting in my business, I was a little relieved. I think she was a ‘little off’ herself and she talked about everyone and told me what rumors were going around about me. I remember that summer of getting called a ‘cat lady’ by all the little bastard kids who shouldn’t have been at the pool alone anyway. No fucking thanks.

I may go when they’re giving free pizzas out though, every addict has their drug of choice that’s hard to resist. Considering the new management fucked me in the ass when they raised the rent by about $225, I feel the least they can do for us is give us a ‘free’ pizza.

The maintenance guy came. The miracle of the 225.00 up fee is the maintenance people seem educated. Not 10 the grade dropouts and/ or slow people. I’ve known at least two maintenance guys and a suspected third who were slow, one who couldn’t read at all back at the old complex. He had to go to social services once and my Mom went with him. He had told her he didn’t know how to read. I bet if someone had really tried to teach him, he’d have learned. Considering how quick people are to assume I’m slow, I notice which people seem to not have touched a book in their entire lives. I’m such a miserable hypocrite sitting in judgement of people when my IQ is 96.

Anyway, my unused uterus and I are going to go vote. Planned Parenthood is less than a mile away from me, and we gotta support local businesses, right?