I couldn’t have been gone more than 15 minutes on Messenger. I was watching a movie on this shitty Obama phone that doesn’t have picture in picture capabilities. I could hear her messaging me, but I thought it could wait because I was almost at the end of the documentary. Ted Bundy was about to get the electric chair and I was rather transfixed.

Well, I answer back but see that while I was minding my own business watching people describing Ted getting dead, some guy K. had been friendly with started getting really creepy on Messenger. I asked if it was the homeless guy she wanted to help, and she was mad I took so long to answer. And I said because I couldn’t resist, “I knew he’d be trouble.”

Why can’t I just shut up? She went on to lambast me, how my online friends are all creepy, and that I could fuck off. I apologized to no avail. Everyone’s mad at me really, just join the line. And my rent is jumping $200.00. And I’ve been distraught for a few days over something, and I forgot I could feel that intensely in over 11 years. And I took one Adderall too many to try to drown out the misery……And I stayed up for 2 days, but I only felt distraught and alert. Yes, you can start having some trippy hallucinations, none of them particularly good. Things start moving a little, grey stuff grows up in the dark, and you see things out of the corner of your eye ( something looked like a war ship but was just street lights). So yeah, I do not recommend.