Writing Prompt: What is the Last Thing You Learned

What is the last thing you learned?

With all my relatives dead, et al., I’ve taken to stalking my relatives long deceased and otherwise online. My mother’s side of the family were in the Domesday Book and our surname is from the family seat in some tiny English village. Does that mean my forebears were the gentry or serfs, I can tell you not, but I guess the former? There are some sirs way way back on familysearch.org, but who knows how true that is?
On my father’s side, long before they beget a continuous line of drunks, they came over from France during the Norman invasion and there were some sirs there as well, some in Scotland. One of my relatives in 1830 married a half Cherokee woman, who was related to Mary Musgrave who was active in founding Georgia, or something like that.
I see that my distant relative is no longer running a newspaper. I always wanted to know this woman, but she may have heard bad things about me from Cousin Charles, the great disowner of second cousins. I’m tempted to hit friend request, but am sure to only meet. disapprobation.


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