I tried to be a human today. I went to a new dentist, let a homeless guy use my phone when others wouldn’t so he could fuss his girlfriend out , and went to Dollar Tree. But the feeling of being totally alone wouldn’t go away. Why even have Dollar Tree hauls if I can’t show him what I got.

i went to a gift wrapping ‘party’. Someone remarked about Sassy, “Oh she looks like an indoor cat.

“Well she sometimes…” I began.

But someone’s voice rose over mine, drowning me out . ” It’s an outdoor cat . She’s always out when I walk my dogs and she tries to jump them.”

Instant hatred.

I wrapped my present and got out of there. I don’t belong there either. The only free pizza giveaways it is. They just like everyone else sees me as subhuman.

What is the point of anything?


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