Day 5: Trying to Stay Alive/ Valentine’s Interlude

I wondered after you all day Valentine’s Day. Said a prayer or two. This week of my exile is no doubt a welcome respite from my neuroses for all the denizens of Discord. I’m sorry I’m so clingy. I’m sorry I’m so fond of people who barely tolerate me. People who genuinely like me I can  only love, not feel a romantic inclination for. Maybe I can later? I’ve always been starved for affection and approval, but afraid of it too. I appreciate honesty. I can never quite guage how most people feel about me. I will try to fake not being cringe… except this post clearly!

Now K thinks I will not be able to process fast enough to find my plane should I pass through Charlotte. If K. lost her phone and missed her plane there, what will happen to me?

“And you are not  vigilant and aware of your surroundings at all times…and why would you want to go meet only male friends? Is this the one who………… you?”

“No! “

Female friend turned out to be a cunt. Perhaps she’ll gloat when I’m dead, apparently either by being beaten to death or by exhaustion from wandering for days in Charlotte International looking for my plane. Plot twist: Charlotte is supposed to be one of the biggest airports in the nation. May I rest in peace.

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