Day 2 : Luddite Boogaloo

Day 2 I transcribed an Australian criminal’s arrest record from 1883. An online volunteering opportunity. Pretend I’m useful somehow. The guy was in for embezzlement and did 3 years hard labor in the Sidney Gaol, but he must not have learned much from that ordeal because in 1888, he got clapped for embezzlement again.

I cleaned my bathroom.

I went Uber Eatsing with Karen. Six hours and she made 12.00. She raged at Wendy’s workers. Wendy’s was getting supplies delivered and didn’t accept orders during that time, as stated by the guy at the window so she had to cancel an order there. Five minutes passed and the delivery truck pulled away. A woman was driving up picking up for Uber Eats herself. My friend’s rage started shooting lasers. First, she drove up to the window, but the guy who said they weren’t taking orders wouldn’t come and the woman at the window wasn’t coming either. Then she blocked the delivery truck from getting out because she was yelling something like ‘how does it feel?’ and ‘time is money!’ Then, as they were taking the order of some other delivery gig driver, she pulled up close enough, and yelled, “20 year-old twat, don’t come to the window!”

That excalated quickly.

” You’re one day going to get us killed,” I told her, as I have every time I’ve witnessed her go into a fit. Usually, it’s over screaming at other drivers and flipping the bird. It just takes one redneck with as bad of a temper as her to pull a gun. Well, actually, it’s kind of already happened in a way. She got into it with a guy at McDonald’s a few years ago, and he calmly set a weapon on the table.

Lately, I’ve been fussing back. I think that day at the hospital when she called me ‘stupid’ I realized that she would always be an ungrateful bitch, and it flipped a switch inside of me. We had two minor altercations. She tried to blame me for being 5 minutes at my apartment and the food already being picked up by someone else. Then she got mad at me for not being able to find my phone right away when she wanted me to navigate. I started yelling right back, just a little, just enough to let her know not to fuck with me, when apparently she has the whole fucking world to get angry at.

At Hooters, I waited for an order, and wondered if the waitresses’ mothers knew how their daughters were making a living. I don’t know if it’s the prude in me or something feminist, but I find the whole thing…a bit much. I’m not saying that places where lecherous men can ogle college girl titties while devouring chicken wings shouldn’t exist, but there is something debasing about making waitresses wear shorts up to their vaginas and shirts down to the nips. And don’t get me started on the men who bring their middle aged wives to such establishments. I mean, the food does look good, but…

I got to go in the Marriott to deliver. I will go if I don’t have to meet the person.

There’s always such a pleasant scent in hotels and I hadn’t been in one in years. There are several scents I feel would be in my heaven: Hotel scent, pool chlorine scent, laundry aisle scent, and K-mart scent. I don’t know why I felt the need to share that, but there you go. That would’ve made an awesome tweet.

I know this correspondence is getting super long, but I kind of want to address something. I saw the woman who saw me as a ‘lolcow’ and faked liking me, get utterly destroyed by another ‘content creator.’ I wouldn’t have known, but I was reading an article and saw. It seemed as though karma had struck her in the face, finally. Now she knows how it feels to be rejected and humiliated in 4K high definition, I thought gleefully. And then I thought, now she knows how it feels, and I began to empathize with her, clout chasing egirl that she is. I could feel her pain and it made me sad. So I’m happy it happened, but I’m sad too. My mind can never make up it’s mind.

2 thoughts on “Day 2 : Luddite Boogaloo

  1. Glad to hear you are doing something to help preserve Australian history.

    Did you hear about the guy who wanted to emigrate to Australia?

    When he applied he was asked : “Do you have a criminal record?”

    He replied, “I didn’t know I still needed one.”


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