My only friend hates me. I wish I was with you. She even said because of my psych issues they would never have let me give you part of my liver. That I was all talk. How will I ever live that down? I won’t kill myself but there’s nothing left on this earth for me. You know how much I prayed for you, how I begged. You know everything.

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  1. Your only friend? Well, who are we – your internet buddies? Are we chopped liver? I know. It’s not the same. Words on the screen when you need a hug.

    What your friend says about you has to do with her, not you. Remind yourself that it is just words coming out of her mouth. The fact that they enter your ears doesn’t make them true.

    Often there is nothing you can do when tragedy strikes. It has to be accepted, and that usually takes a period of grieving. Let go of the self-criticism if you can, because it doesn’t help you or anyone else. It’s a sure thing that the cats need you, so if you can’t be kind to yourself for your own sake, maybe you can be kind to yourself for the sake of your furry friends.


  2. I’ve lost friends because they don’t understand what a mental illness is. It was horrible. I felt that I needed to figure out my shit for Her. Than I stepped back and realized that I’m working on me for me.

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