My nerves were frazzled to say the least. I called again at 3 that day, reiterated that it was dripping out of the damn light bulb, and that I was afraid of it being a fire hazard. By then, I cut the power to everything. This seemed to gain results. A new maintenance guy came over, as they must have fired the brigade again as they do once or twice a year. He took a look and said, “It’s coming from upstairs.” Genius, pure genius.

So Maintenance Guy, let’s call him Smelly, went upstairs and banged on the door. Perhaps the tenant was afraid to let him in, since she hadn’t ordered any maintenance. Maybe she’d just finished a J, or had someone unauthorized staying there. I don’t know, but for whatever reason, she didn’t come to the door. And this is how I found out we have a new manager, because she came armed with, I guess ,the new head maintenance guy and Smelly. They go into my bedroom closet and look. “Oh they’re going to let us in one way or another,” she said. Good heavens. How to Win Your Neighbors’ Undying Regard by Lisa B.

So once they performed the Great Raid of 2019, they said some pipes were leaning against the wall or something, and it wasn’t their water heater. I panicked the whole time they were around.