2 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Walkthrough

  1. Interesting walk though, no product names I recognised so nice to “spy” on what you have available in the USA. Some bits went a bit too fast for me to see what the products actually were, other times I just waited patiently whilst you read blurbs of books (and I couldn’t see the texts clearly).

    Basically appears to be a lot of tat and a little bit of treasure, but it all depends on what you are looking for. Dish detergent is pretty much the same stuff regardless of the name on the bottle, $1 for something electronic would have me wondering if the thing would work one the packaging was off, or after three uses. Obviously some gems in amongst the tat… no one needs a black (or any colour) “see no evil’ Buddha (or whatever that was!).

    I totally commend you on getting the stuff from the dumpster that was just over the due date. That date was probably one month earlier than it needed to be (for litigation purposes) so you should be really safe drinking it for a bit after the date. Just watch and guard against dented canned goods (where air might get in and cause botulism).
    “Different” but cool post!


    • Oh yes, I long survived drinking those! Expiration dates are a racket. The electronics vary. Some charging cables last a few months. The headphones less than a month. Thanks!


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