They’re going to raze the old movie theater, vacant since 2005.

I remember a time when I was too small to see above where the tickets were passed.
This theater was just one of several theaters no longer in existence, that made up my childhood.
I think this may have been where I saw my first movie.
It was The Smurfs, circa 1984. (Oddly, the last movie my Mom and I saw together was The Smurfs (2011) because we wanted to see a film in 3D).
I’d love to see into the actual theater, see if the screens are still up and if the seats are moldy.
You can’t see, but there is some caving away of the ceiling. There was a bad hurricane last year.
Whose rocking chairs?
People must come in here occasionally. Who would leave their ladder to be demolished?
Favorite picture. Look how vintage!
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