My friend is mad at me again, nothing new there. I had told her I thought Dusty the stray had an injury or something to his eye. Today I saw him in the daylight, which is kind of rare, and noticed there was some green mucous and red in his eye. I told my friend this. Later, we held him down and gave him some antibiotic in his eye, but then she got a good look at him and flipped out at me. “You said it looked a little foggy. He’s probably blind!”

“I’m not a vet. I don’t know,” I said. She began to berate me, maybe deservingly, about staying in the house all the time and being lazy. Something about my mental problems and excuses. That it was a good thing I never had children ( a point I fully agree with). That how could I stand myself? That I cost her thousands of dollars. Just look at Katie and Callie! she said. Katie, to be fair to me, has an autoimmune disease, but is thriving at her house now. Callie I look after and has herpes. So there was extenuating circumstances for their decline. I feel like pure shit though.