My Best Friend Hates ‘My Art’

Really, it doesnt matter what form my dollar store level of creativity forms. She will take the proverbial knife through anything.

Bloggers to her aren’t writers and I’m mediocre at best ( she’s right about me, but I do OK)

My Youtube videos are ‘moronic.’ I was really hurt when she told me that. I took up Youtube when I was running low on purpose and pawing my way out of a severe depression. I don’t show her my videos much anymore.

i made the mistake of showing her an Instagram video I surreptitiously filmed today. A few scenes of the 45 second vid were being shot on the ground so as not to film people. “Am I supposed to be entertained by cement?” she asked. I felt instant shame. I had sent it to someone else who I’m afraid is just going to think I’m an idiot.

Anyway, hope your endeavors are going better than mine. I’ll leave you with a photo I took while I was out and about yesterday.

Ultimate ‘Cat Lady Chic’

4 thoughts on “My Best Friend Hates ‘My Art’

  1. Some people wouldn’t even appreciate a lump of gold because it is lying in the dirt. That’s their misfortune, but there is no need to join them in their poverty of spirit. There is a saying : “Something which is worth doing is worth doing badly until you get good at it.” You know the limitations of your videos all too well, but it doesn’t stop you from showing them to the world and making more. That’s your strength, because it allows you to keep on the road to discover what you can do. And you have a wit and candour which makes up for a few seconds of looking at the floor occasionally. Keep going and say : “Fuck ’em if they can’t take some floor!”

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  2. I don’t consider this person a true friend. I am not saying she should be dishonest with you, but it sounds like she rarely, if ever, has anything helpful, positive or affirming to say. Do you express that her comments are hurtful? Is there a way you could communicate that you value her friendship but do not find her comments supportive or beneficial. Perhaps it would be best for her to keep her comments to herself, or do you actually solicit them?

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