It’s official. My neighbors are gunning for me. I’m on the radar of my landlady, and I feel like  I want to take a long walk off a short pier. Lord’ why can’t my asshole neighbors mind their own business or drop dead or something.  From one fat fuck to  another, FAT FUCKS! I bet it was Douchebag Dan and Tubby Terry. Douchebag Dan lives upstairs, is on disability for his back, and I keep thinking one day he will come through the ceiling.  If he moves I hear him. If he coughs, I hear him.  No lie, I know when he takes a piss and it’s like someone is running a hose.
Tubby Terry lives across from me, doesn’t work, and seemingly takes every meal via Dominos pizza or Chinese. He has heart problems.
I sometimes have odor emanating from my cat boxes and they complained, plus the landlady, Marge the Minge, knows I’m a hoarder and a slob. My cats are well cared for, but sometimes their boxes get pissy before  I can get new litter.
She told my friend if I don’t  clean up she’ll hire someone at my expense. Look, I know it’s me with the problem but what about my fucking right to privacy?
I don’t fuck with them, they shouldn’t fuck with me.  I just want to be left alone. Go in your apartments and shut the fucking door, you worthless fucks.  Fuck off and die.
An acquaintance of mine has agreed to help me and hopefully she’ll get  Marge the Minge off me. She’s going to call Mingey and be all professional. Hopefully APS, The Health Department, Animal Control, DSS and the NSA won’t be called. Gosh, I really wish I could just go to sleep and not wake up anymore.  I am not going into a home and I’m not parting with my pets. I just want to live out my miserable life here with my three cats.
In my lineage there are hoarders . A branch on my maternal grandpa’s side. The A’s were the hoarders of their mountain homeland. Dirty, filthy, cluttery, people would go to their house just to gawk at the spectacle. They were the black sheep. Probably one of the reasons the remainder of my relatives don’t want anything to do with me is the clutter Cousin Diane saw when she visited, not to mention how my mom never contacted them again afterward.