Luna and Celestia are visible on the top left ...
Luna and Celestia are visible on the top left and right corners of this poster for the San Diego Comic Con. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I got rid of my latest nervous breakdown from  Youtube. Sorry if you missed my fit, but I’m sure somewhere on Youtube there is a lost episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic that you haven’t seen yet.

Ugh I’m so ashamed. I have never seen a harpie, but am convinced that I looked the part. Or maybe the Youtube Medusa. I looked rough. I don’t take it too well when impugned by anyone. I want so bad to not feel so much. I want to be normal. Normal people don’t have a ‘normameter’  constantly going off in their heads. They don’t worry about whether this or that makes me a bad person. I keep waiting to upgrade me, but it’s like I’m running Colecovision in my head while everyone else is running “Windows 8  Brain Edition.” 

But I’m alive! That’s a positive to this story.