Today my heart started beating rapidly when I moved around. Maybe I’m dying, I thought. Does it matter? I asked myself.

Dear God, please I’m not ready yet. Please let me outlive my cats.

And here I am. Everyone needs a reason for living. My cats are mine. There’s a part of me craving death. “No one needs me,” my mind says.

Well my cats do.

Ugh, my online friends from AOL are turning against me. They think I’ve been giving out their numbers to a crazy guy in the chat room just because I talked to him. The fact is, I lose peoples’ numbers all the time and currently only have one. Why do people spread stuff that isn’t even true. I often depend on my chat room friends for friendship and now my best online friend thinks I’m Benedict Arnold. I cried and cried when I heard the rumor people are saying about me. 

My mom would tell me to stay out of that chat room, it upsets you too much.