Poetry Potluck: Mother’s Day


Dianthus caryophyllus - Garoafa
Dianthus caryophyllus – Garoafa (Photo credit: Nite Dan – Enjoypixel) Really. The smell reminded her of funeral arrangements.

Happy Mother’s Day! they say,

Hallmark, K-Mart, even Safeway.

My mom’s dead, I say,

Mom didn’t like carnations anyway.


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13 thoughts on “Poetry Potluck: Mother’s Day

  1. I hear you. Thank God for being able to write. It is cathartic. Mother’s Day is indeed very sad when we are missing our mothers. I am wondering if there is someone you can “adopt” as your mother for even one day? It might make you feel a little better and might well brighten the day of a lonely person. Just a thought.


    • That’s a lovely idea. Alas, I can think of no one around here. At the rest home there were a couple of old women I’d adopt. One was a wanderer who I loved to walk the halls with. The other was always stuck in her room and begging for snuff. Neither would remember my efforts I don’t think, but they were my favorites (besides my other friends).


  2. Not “like”


    This is my first mothers day without my mom. Very complicated thing here: she was not a good mom. She was a bad mom.

    And yet….She was mine….

    Peace, Jen


    • Thank you so much! I’m very flattered. Looks like we’re in the same boat as for this being the first Mother’s Day without our moms. My mom was a good mom, though, but I understand. Nothing quite like feeling orphaned.


  3. Is this a step of moving beyond autobiographical matters. If so keep it up. You should put your writing talent to work in creative ways. Hope you produce more poem. How about short story too.


    • My mom really didn’t like carnations. I think it stemmed from her youth, her grandparents. They still laid out dead people in their homes and lots of carnations. I love the scent of carnations though.


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