Just What the Hell Was It That We Picked Up at the Hospital?

I think my mom has viral pneumonia and I think I have a mild case myself. About 3 days after we left the hospital from accompanying a friend, my mom took sick. For most of the time I was back in the ER with my friend and her friend in clorox-scented safety. My mom, however was left to marinate in the germs of the waiting room. It started with a sore throat, runny nose, coughing, and bloomed into muscle aches, tightness in chest, loss of appetite, and weakness. I think her sore throat is gone but everything else remains, though at times she says she’s feeling a bit better.  I’m really nervous, but she swears she’ll go to the doctor if her phlegm turns yellow. I’m still scared.  My mom is 68 and a smoker, so when it hit me, it struck a lot less hard, but it’s still there for me too. I had a terrible sore throat and stuffy nose for a few days, but it lifted. Now, exactly 2 weeks after I caught this b*****d, I still have a bad cough, but that’s about it. It’ll take worse than that for me to go to the doctor if you remember the Great Kidney Infection of 2010. I’m starting to think September is bad luck since the kidney debacle happened in September. I’d be more worried about myself if I alone had a persistent cough, so it can’t be 2 for 1 Lung Cancer thing. I’m assuming whatever we have is viral, because I’m assuming we’d really be sick if it were bacterial. Why the heck is this thing not letting me have paragraphs?











18 thoughts on “Just What the Hell Was It That We Picked Up at the Hospital?

    • My friend had another hospital visit the other day before my mom became so weak she couldn’t move, but my mom told her we couldn’t come because we were both sick. I’d have gone anyway, though at the time I was feeling really rough, so I’m glad it was my mom who answered the phone. I always try to come through, but I barely could. I feel fine now, but I still have a terrible cough. It’s my mom I’m really worried about. Seems like 3 weeks is a long time for her to still feel that rough. Plus,honestly, if my mom were to die, I’m kinda afraid I’d have to move, my cats would get lost, and life would suck. My life would suck without my mom nearby anyway I do believe. I thank heaven that the same friend I accidentally forsook the other day (she turned out to be fine again, but still…) would take me and my cats in if I was going to be homeless. I think my elderly friends probably would too, but the woman is 87. I think my professor would help me out somehow too. I’m big on worst case scenarios. I just wish we’d get better, but Mom more,because she’s in a bad way.


  1. Of course I can’t diagnose anything online, but viruses can knock you on your butt just as effectively as bacteria can. If the other symptoms you’ve listed are accompanied by temperature, you have what is termed “FLS” – Flu-like symptoms. That can mean flu, or other viruses. Some colds can be really awful (rhinovirus). Viral vs. bacterial pneumonia is easy to diagnose with a listen and a chest x-ray. Of course you know Mom’s risking all sorts of problems because of smoking, the overall one being that it weakens your immune system so you can’t fight off anything as well as if you didn’t smoke. If your symptoms persist, I would encourage you to see a doctor. Any good Dr. will want you to know more about how to keep yourself well, and no scientist of worth likes guessing. That’s why we do the tests.

    Some hospitals are cleaner than others. I know that from direct experience. ERs tend to be a lot cleaner than a family Dr’s waiting room though. The staff SHOULD disinfect every dang surface (including chairs) between patients at a hospital ER as they move in and out. Only the exam rooms are getting cleaned until the end of the day at a family clinic. (We clean our waiting room when we close for lunch.) Hope you both feel better soon!


    • I’d want my mom to go first since she’s sicker (and she may be a little less afraid of doctors than I am). I am soooo not going unless I’m half dead. Thanks though,you sound like we won’t die. Bless you!


  2. Leese, I’m really worried. Dad has been hospitalized for weeks now. Started with a UTI ( he has a super-pubic catheter), then progressed to a lung infection. He’s been through a whole regimen of antibiotics, and the doctors assure me the infections are common and treatable. However, he’s just deteriorating mentally if nothing else. Talking crazy and hallucinating. Today he assured me he could walk, even though he’s been a quad for 17 years. This shit is scaring me. I’m afraid I’m losing him.
    I’m still working 2 jobs and spending my (rare) days off over here, 60 miles from home. Somebody has to be come here and relieve mom. They are both 77 now and she needs the respite.
    I’ll just say a few prayers and try to stay calm.
    Life is just tough right now.


    • Lordy, how does a UTI turn into a lung infection? That must be some hellacious bacteria, but they can probably clear it up with strong antibiotics. Next time I’m at the Service Station I’m going to get her some Salem’s which a friend recommended as being less hard than Pall Mall’s. I hope things start looking up your way. I’d be worried too. Just let me know if you need something or somebody to talk to. I’ll do whatever I can.


  3. Personally, I’d skip September altogether and go fro August to October. See how easy it is to solve problems, especially when they’re not your own? BTW, get better and howdy 🙂


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