I think my mom has viral pneumonia and I think I have a mild case myself. About 3 days after we left the hospital from accompanying a friend, my mom took sick. For most of the time I was back in the ER with my friend and her friend in clorox-scented safety. My mom, however was left to marinate in the germs of the waiting room. It started with a sore throat, runny nose, coughing, and bloomed into muscle aches, tightness in chest, loss of appetite, and weakness. I think her sore throat is gone but everything else remains, though at times she says she’s feeling a bit better.  I’m really nervous, but she swears she’ll go to the doctor if her phlegm turns yellow. I’m still scared.  My mom is 68 and a smoker, so when it hit me, it struck a lot less hard, but it’s still there for me too. I had a terrible sore throat and stuffy nose for a few days, but it lifted. Now, exactly 2 weeks after I caught this b*****d, I still have a bad cough, but that’s about it. It’ll take worse than that for me to go to the doctor if you remember the Great Kidney Infection of 2010. I’m starting to think September is bad luck since the kidney debacle happened in September. I’d be more worried about myself if I alone had a persistent cough, so it can’t be 2 for 1 Lung Cancer thing. I’m assuming whatever we have is viral, because I’m assuming we’d really be sick if it were bacterial. Why the heck is this thing not letting me have paragraphs?