Hope y’all are having a hellaciously awesome Labor Day weekend, but if you are, then you’re probably not reading this. I wish my mom would get over the cold we both have. My mom has likely had it two weeks , me maybe 8 days, but I’m basically over it except coughing jags.

Well, I have a new poem over at my other blog, I’d have put it here to be fair and balanced in content and junk, but my next Pseudo Book Reviewer adventure is coming very soon and I think you’ll find it vaguely amusing since I’ll be reviewing the worst detective novel in history. The last time I reviewed a book for these good folks, I had some really nice people try to make me into a better Christian, or a Christian period. I’m kinda considerably less conservative than the usual Blogging for Books Blogger. I live more towards what my conscience believes is right than verbatim from the Bible, though much of my beliefs come from said book. It’s easier this way when you’re very sensitive and question so much. 

Anywho, check out my new poem. It’s the shiznit!  http://ocdbloggergirl.com/2011/09/02/thursday-poets-rally-dear-adam-and-eve/