Poetry Potluck -Nightguard

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Depending on who you ask, bruxism (that’s grinding your teeth) can be caused by stress, OCD, your jaws doing weird things, etc., so forth. This brings me to my first real post on my new blog, submitted to you by the muse of losing my nightguard -later found. I decided  to post this to Poetry Potluck too!

The Nightguard


Dammit, damn, and damnation!

Losing one’s nightguard is such an abomination!


Night Guard?

You mean that invisible rent-a-cop the complex hired?


No! Hell no!

That’s not what I’m saying.

Nightguard, oh wretched nightguard!

This, this, is for which I lament.


What’s it look like?


A damned dental apparatus!

Once a plastic clear,

now jaundiced yellow sunshine

from the years.


Sounds lovely.


It’s the one that cut into my gum,

but going to the dentist…

That’s no fun.

Snip snip the scissors.

Fixed it, it’s done!


Not fixed, not really.


Been a bit loose since that day,

asking myself, as one may,

if I swallow the damn thing

would I be able to cry,

‘Alas, alas, I choke! I die!’



It’s doubtful.


Could I have swallowed the nightguard

in fitful sleep’s embrace,

my teeth no longer braced?

Wailing! Gnashing my teeth,

The damn thing I must find I think,

lest my teeth continue to shrink,

ground down to my gums!


Good luck!

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12 thoughts on “Poetry Potluck -Nightguard

  1. Very cute, Lisa and I like the format of your new blog and the look.

    Coincidentally, I just returned from the dentist, where I mostly reside, or it feels that way. Don't get me started on my dental saga. I think I have an article on my blog someplace on the topic, but was never inspired to write a poem about the topic. Just today I went because I lost a screw. (Some people have always thought I had a screw loose) I usually feel like I got screwed when I get the bills for my dental work.

    Anyway, congratulations on the debut of your new blog.


  2. I like the conversational approach to this poem. I can feel the frustration of the night guard owner and the kind of laid back attitude of the 'other'.

    The poem definitely drew me in and put a smile on my face.

    Thank you 🙂


    • Sorry it took so long for me to reply. I hope to start back to doing Poetry Potluck posts. I used to do them fairly regularly. Will be sure to hunt you down on twitter. Congrats on hosting!


  3. Oh, yeah, I grind my teeth. During the day too. The frequency correlates with stress.

    Good to see that you're moving away from the WordPress.com site, where they steal the rights to everything you post. That's why I left.


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