My First Post is Up on My New Site!


Yay! I finally have a post for my new blog! A charming little poem about losing my nightguard. If you wish to leave a comment or tell me you hate it, but prefer to leave the comment here, that’s cool too. Here’s the link to a garish hell:


8 thoughts on “My First Post is Up on My New Site!

    • Oh heck no! I know it’s kinda lame, but I can’t bear to stop writing here. I got the new site to be able to get a little junk change and I have a dear friend who started hosting his own site so I wanted to also so we’d both be having the same hobby to cheer each other over. But he’s moving Shangri-la or someplace, so I don’t know if he will still blog and all, so if I don’t get enough to buy one Big Mac and I still have all my subscribers here, then I may just start back blogging here only when my domain is about to expire.
      This blog will now be my sounding board for whatever is on my mind and a place to post a link to a new post, etc, while trying to put up my great literary efforts on my new site. Also, I’m scared that if I leave, I’ll lose some of my subscribers. I’ve already lost 1. Every time I lose 1 I go into a sort of “Why?” obsession. Maybe it was just because I sadly am having a hard time keeping up with everyone. I need to organize it somehow. I think including my rss subs I have over 100 subs that I want to read. Maybe if I also put in everyone on google reader as well as here I’ll be able to keep up.


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