Suddenly (Marcus Miller album)
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Uhhhh, I feel malaise d generally. Half the time I feel ready to have a catharsis with the contents of my stomach. So I’m down from 400 mg of Luvox to 200 mg.  Why did I do this you may ask. Did I suddenly decided I’d found my nirvana, wasn’t crying over being  a lovelorn loser  enough, suddenly decided I’ve reached the pinnacle of my life?

Not quite.

2 choices:

Drop down to 200, fail everyone, have the attention span of a goldfish, and not being able to stay away from my bed…



Stay at 400 mg and  not mind that it takes 15 minutes to take a leak, all the while still not being sufficiantely doped enough not to care that my life sucks.

I chose the former. So I’ll try to do better soon. I ain’t forgot your question  Trace.


PS, Casey is quilty.