Well, the New Site is Up…


The new site is up, but I want to make sure everyone approves.  I’m going to keep both sites up,  Award but I need to know if my subscribers are comfortable with this new site and if I start writing on it if people will leave me, never comment or read again.

Beware Be aware that I must be trying for the World’s Most Tacky Blog Award. If y’all hate it, don’t be afraid to say it.

Fun n’ Optional  Additions to my new blog because I’ve developed a Widget/Plug-In  Addiction:

A Virtual Cat

A genuine chat box, so you can talk and maybe someone will talk back (type back actually)

An incredibly difficult Lillipution size Ms. Pacman game (want more games?)

An eclectic music playlist, which only plays if you hit play (got any song requests?)

If y’all hate any of that let me know too.

All about subscribing…

If you want an email subscription, there’s a little box to add your email to and once you confirm it by email, you’ll get my new posts, or you can subscribe by RSS feed. If for any reason you don’t like either option, I’ll start at least leaving links heere so you’ll know but still be able to comment on my original site if you like. If you don’t even like reading on my new site I’ll syndicate back here.


I just kept it like the wordpress theme had it, nothing fancy. All you have to do is put a name, email, and optional website and you can comment almost like wordpress.com.

Anyway let me know truthfully what you think and your preferences.



4 thoughts on “Well, the New Site is Up…

  1. looks good lisa! it’s fun being able to work on a site and have more control over it…. i’m still playing with the features and finding things…. woot!


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