Her mother thinks it maybe  was a dream, her therapist too. Lily can’t be sure though. It could have been the first time someone inferred her life was worthless.  Was she 5 then? Her mom  must have been in the small building too talking to someone. A man, the father of another little girl, gives her a sip of his coffee at her request. It tastes awful!

Somehow she has a lime flavored piece of candy, maybe it was a lollypop she bit off the stick, but she had the large hard candy in her mouth. Then it slips into her throat and Lily can’t breathe. She can’t talk and rather than try to get someone aware of her plight or mere fight or flight, but she runs outside into the night. Their next door neighbor is sitting just outside of the building. She sees the lit end of his cigarette but he is almost obliterated by the light from the doorway.

“Go back inside!” he demands angrily, but Lily bends over near the edge of the path.  She pushes the candy up painfully with her throat muscles and the large lime orb falls into the grass with a trail of saliva. She remembers the green candy reflecting the light.  “Now look what you’ve done” the neighbor growls, but then he giggles just a little. Just a little.

Lily’s throat is raw as she says “But I was choking…”

“Go back in the house.” Did he know, and if he knew, what did it say about Lily? God spared her that night. For what reason, Lily can’t say. Was probably a dream anyway.