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A few days ago I was checking my mentions on Twitter, when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but someone wanting me to review his mix tapes. Once I ascertained he was indeed not a porn bot and that we actually follow each other, I was happy and honored to oblige. I’m always down for the blogger struggle. Straight up!

I’m sure you will agree I’m immensely qualified to review music when you hear my qualifications. Here are just a few:

1.I have ears and I know how to use them. By using them, I mean hearing with them, though they keep up a bit of  ringing as the soundtrack to my life.

2. I have electic tastes in music

3. I used to own a mix-tape ’til it broke and I used to listen to the DJ AM radio station on AOL until he died. 3. I’m here!

Without further ado, my review.

DJ Funkygraffish, Cristian Guzman, loves House Music and his mixes show his love. I was given two to review and he is currently working on another mix-tape. His first mix, Pasadena Good Morning, is an upbeat mix of beats great for background music, until roughly 10 minutes in, when the music gets to that point that makes you feel high. The second mix, Que Pasa Dena?, is in my opinion, his greatest. He interweaves old skool with modern beats.  In Que Pasa Dena? Funkygraffish has created a sort of salute to the 80’s, 90’s, and beyond. Smells Like Teen Spirit somehow meets the chorus of Pass the Dutchie. Pump Up the Jam and Billie Jean are brought together. The mix is amazing.

Here is a link to hear his mix-tapes online, no downloading required!


Funkygraffish has also been a blogger since 2008. He writes reviews, interviews, and keeps you up to date with his projects.


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Y’all please tell me how I did, OK?