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One morning, I was looking at http://myblogguest.com, just checking out the scene, wondering if I could persuade someone to publish a political post I had done…when I saw someone I knew in the blogosphere: Robblogger!  Small world wide web! I was in the forum for folks looking for someone to write for, having not received satisfaction  in the other forums. I believe it was Kismet! Anyway, he already had one taker, but being a fan of his and figuring he could always use a plan Z, I asked. I’m surprised he accepted. It must be that Canadian politeness (I think it’s a law that you have to be nice there or they exile you to Siberia or New Jersey). I  wrote him this on the forum:

Hey Robb,
It is I, Lisa from https://ocdbloggergirl.wordpress.com smile If you ever want to guest post on my blog, you’re welcome to write about anything you want. I’d suggest you guest post on all other blogs that offer before mine b/c they likely have a much larger audience.  You’d be bound to get a few more readers to your blog off of me, b/c my most loyal readers are humor bloggers and the others dig humor. In fact, I have one guy who loves Canadian humor (so do I!).

I have 25 wordpress subscribers, 2 email subs, 6 Networked Blog followers, 10 Google Reader readers and 3 cats.. Plus I am on twittier, FB (friends only there), Stumble Upon, reddit, Digg, and delicious.  Not awful, but definitely not super mega status.


And bless him, he accepted! His blog has a huge following, and some of you may also know him, so this is a huge honor for me! If you aren’t familiar with Robblogger , you will no doubt want to check him out. His posts are hilarious!

May I ask a few favors of everyone reading this, even my lurkers? If it wouldn’t be too much trouble, could you promote this post on your social networks? Could you leave comments  and/or hit the like button too to show your approval? Could you post a neon sign outside of your homes about this post and get his URL tattooed on your chests? I just want him to get the most out of this as possible since it is such a  great honor to have him, but whatever you do, make sure you check out his blog Inspired by Caffeine and Nicotine! 🙂

Without further ado, Robbloggerrrrrrr!

Well hello all!!!

Some bad news for you, I’m afraid. Your gracious mistress has turned over control of her blog to me for the day. It is my belief she might have been hit by a blunt object causing her to think I might add some value to these festivities, but for whatever reason I am thankful.

I love this blog!!!

I’m a poetry fan, but never quite got the hang of it and always think I have to rhyme everything, and it ends badly for me when I try to rhyme in time the gift is not mine and I end up writing about my favorite spice thyme or how it is a crime choking a mime with a lime.

I love people who can poet it up!

And I love this blog!

Who the hell am I? I’m Robblogger, and you can find me over at Inspired by Caffeine and Nicotine. No poetry I promise, but I have a Princess who takes over every Saturday, I talk an ordinate amount about midgets, and often I have pictures. Not bad eh? Oh yeah, and I’m a Canadian eh? Let’s move on…

How to Write a Guest Blog Post Maybe Badly!

I know a lot of things wrong!

One of the things I most often wrong know is the lyrics to songs.

Growing up I used to happily sing along to that AC/DC classic, whatever the hell it was, and was convinced it went something like this:

“I want to Rock and Roll all night!

And part of every day!”

I thought it was a message about responsible Rock and Rolling. Like, I quite like to Rock and Roll all night, then in the day I go to work, do a little shopping, maybe my laundry, then I Rock and Roll part of the day.

I was more than disappointed when I learned the lyrics were:

“I want to Rock and Roll all night!

And party every day!”

Seems to me with a lifestyle like that there’s not a lot of time left to devote to much of anything else.

I’ve mentioned my friend the Princess. She claims that I steal her material. I like to think of it not so much as stealing it, but that she just thinks of it seconds before I was going to think about it.

So in this blog post I have taken every effort not to use anything she happened to pre-think of before me.

Here is a picture of a coat hanger!

I didn’t take this picture. I’ve recently moved to Northern Ontario and the technology I’m working with at present, just to complete this blog post, requires a computer operating system that fills two very tiny warehouses.

Diane Aimeee of About Writing, and my Online Marketing Manager was good enough to add the picture of the hanger de coat for me.

The End.

P.S. Just when you thought it was done there’s still a little more in the P.S.

Okay patient, patient readers, let’s break this post down.

Let’s see how to badly write a guest post.

I start with a first title.

A little intro and a little asskissery for the bloggerette who let me do the post.

I slip in a shameless plug of my own blog. If I can, I mention my friend the Princess.  She likes to see her name in type and will probably view the blog six hundred and seventy two times just to see her name.

Then I do a “Let’s move on….”

I like “Let’s move on…” I can segue out of the intro and into a second title.

I’m a fan of the old Rocky and Bullwinkle Show and that’s where I stole the two titles idea from. I’d explain it but it’s probably better if you google it.  This post is looooong enough already.

I didn’t know what to write about and AC/DC came on the radio and I remembered how embarrassed I was when I was corrected about those lyrics. So, that’s what this blog post became all about.

I figured another great way to get the Princess to view this blog hundreds of times was to mention her name twice, and she challenged me to do a blog post with material she couldn’t claim was inspired by her.

If you know anything about me, which you probably don’t, I’m all about bird homicide with minimal rock use, and that’s two dead birds, one rock saved!

I heard it was good to break up a blog post with a picture, and I’m existential enough to think a picture of a coat hanger in the middle of a blog is funny.

I really do have a computer that I think DaVinci invented so I can’t download pictures yet, so I asked Diane Aimeeeeee to do it for me.

And, I think that is a nice way of plugging her blog as well. More slaughtered birds and conserved stones. Plus, I don’t think I’ve paid her this month.  That should keep her happy while I round up enough tin cans to scrape together her fee.

Then I use “The End”.

I think that’s nice so everyone reading knows they’ve come to the end.

Then because someone might be a little sad that it is over I often add a P.S.

The End

P.S. It could be argued that mentioning I was challenged by the Princess not to use any material inspired by her could in fact be construed as much of this post being inspired by the Princess. If you think like that I’m not sure we can be friends!

Robblogger’s unique and twisted outlook on life can be found at


and despite the fact that he claims not to be a writer, he has written a book. It is a hilarious book about travel available on Amazon for Kindle called Don’t Go There! A Robblogger Look at Travel. Stay tuned for his second e-book coming soon to a Kindle near you by friending him on Facebook and following his tweets, @Robblogger.


Lisa again. Give a hand to Robblogger. His book is .99 US, so make sure you grab a copy!

If anyone wants an obligation-free guest blogging opportunity, let me know. Almost all subjects welcome, but I reserve the right to say no if I don’ feel comfortable or feel it’s inappropriate.

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