Poetry Pot Luck -Love: Original Depressing VS. Trailer Park Remix

Early 20th century Valentine's Day card, showi...
My Wal-Mart Valentine Image via Wikipedia

OK, first poem is depressing, 2nd poem is really vulgar. Just  thought you should know that about the 2nd one in case you aren’t a fan of raunchy humor…









Love (original version)


Love alone,

Loved by none,

not in that way.


You swore not again,

but you lied.

Love like a virus

spread inside.


Love alone,

Love quarantined

isn’t contagious.

if contained.


Love alone

must exist concealed,

vaulted in a safe.

No rejection, no depression.

Wish the love object

better love than you.


Love alone.

Love by none

Must be love undone.



Love (Trailer Park remix)


Screw love!

Loved by none,

If batteries are included,

who needs someone?


The Valentine’s aisle at Wal-Mart,

you swore not again,

but chocolate is a demanding lover,

not like any other.

Gotta get some!


Screw love!

Love undone is love for one.

Love that won’t be scorned

is love you don’t have to mourn.


Love with chocolate,

love with self-love .

No rejection, no depression.

Minimal sin detection.

Screw love!

Seriously though, Happy Valentine’s Day!

34 thoughts on “Poetry Pot Luck -Love: Original Depressing VS. Trailer Park Remix

  1. Love and Valentines are entirely what you make it. The less commercial the more sincere is my experience, and it’s as much about giving as well as receiving.
    A small handmade card with a gift of offered time or a talent that can can help someone out, is worth more than the mostly gaudy offerings from the “valentines isle” of the local shops.
    Know someone elderly who’s garden needs weeding?
    (Bonus: This kind of gift burns off chocolate calories too!)
    Ditch the commercialism and keep the sentiment that it can also be Valentines day the other 364 days of the year.


  2. Both versions were effective in illustrating different emotional reactions to loneliness. My therapist once said, “Underneath anger – sadness.” We have to pass through all the levels in order to remake ourselves to be ready for relationships with others that will last and reward both parties. Good work, Lisa!


  3. Call me a pragmatic romantic but the second version, definitely called to me – or flashed me at the very least! I enjoyed both writes, well done!


  4. ‘Perverted Poetry’…now there’s a great title for a book of poems, and I think you could do the title proud. You could do dual pieces on any number of subjects and it is something I would definitely look forward to reading. How about making it a regular feature on your blog? You could do all the special occasions like Mother’s day, Good Friday, etc. How cathartic!


    • I like that title a lot. I’ll have to do that when I have humorous ones. What a great idea!
      Thanks so much for coming to visit and I hope to see you often!


  5. I thought I commented on this? I really have to stop eating three buttons of mescaline before breakfast from now on…damn. These are both great! I definitely prefer the second on as well, it’s more my style. Great job!

    Happy Late VDay!!


  6. “If batteries are included, who needs someone?”

    Thanks to you, I now have soda all over my computer screen. You need to put trailer park love to music, Lisa. I want it to be my wedding song.


    • I can attain no bigger honor than making someone spit up over something I wrote, especially if she’s my idol! That would be awesome if you used it at your wedding, perhaps the first dance between you and the gent. I think it would remain with all the guests years later!
      Thanks Becky, you’re awesome!


  7. I am visiting your blog for the first time from no rules blog hop. Have enjoyed reading your poetry, whether happy, sad, risque or whatever, you are obviously very talented and I hope you keep it up and find a wider audience.


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