Poetry Pot Luck: Three Lukewarm, Albeit Symbolic, Poems

Here is a helping of poems for this week’s Poetry Potluck.  http://jinglepoetry.blogspot.com. Tell me what you really think, will get around to changing “freaking’ on my last Potluck offering and answering everyone too!



An Ambidextrous Life


My interests are like my hands, ambidextrous;

And I have never met anyone else ambidextrous.

I take up my pen with my left hand,

but use my scissors with the right.

I think it’s day but secretly wonder  if it might be  night.

My thoughts make rain in the sunlight,

and stars that  glimmer in a tempest.


Sometimes   I’m an old woman,

sometimes I’m a little girl.

The piece that doesn’t fit the puzzle,

the flag that won’t unfurl.

I want to belong to being me,

to not care about the difference,

it will be less lonely,

peace in my mind’s resistance.




Do you ever wonder what happens to the wishes

pinned to pennies

tossed into a fountain?


The pennies settle

on the bottom,

do the wishes

settle there too?

Maybe the wishes

float to the top,

hope rising.

Maybe the wishes

turn envy-green,

A variety of low value coins, including a (his...
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corroding like copper coins.


If the pennies are stolen,

are the wishes

snatched away too?

Maybe the wishes for love

never come true.

Wishes to restore a life distorted

never again will be whole?

But no.

A penny is just a penny,

you reassure me.

Wishes never really go away.


Rapture Not-So-Ready


Betty was rapture ready, but Veronica got left behind.



I  have a confession to make,

as  though my very soul is at stake.

I have to admit,

and hope I  don’t  roast  on a spit,

or, hell,  just throw me into a pit,

where for eternity I will sit;

But I really must admit,

This Rapture thing.

I’m not so ready for it.


The Fundies have their bets on 2012,

the Mayans did too,

Someone says this May without delay,



as birds drop from the sky,  FLOP!

I’m not so ready for the Rapture

or those raptors falling down, eww.


Blondie sang about the Rapture,

Dante put in his two cents on hell  too,

Will the  Left Behind authors  laugh

when I know not  what to do?

Rapture,  I’m not so ready,

mercy for me  I implore you.


Will I really have to watch

as others disappear in the clouds,

knowing that in heaven I’m not allowed?


I try to be good,  God.

But I am of the world that you put me in.

I don’t want to be left behind,

but I don’t want to leave yet either.

I want to love someone and be loved ,

I want to matter somehow in the world,

and maybe be an author (eh, why not?).

Alas, I’ve done neither.

I’m not so ready for the rapture yet,

can we postpone it  a bit?

45 thoughts on “Poetry Pot Luck: Three Lukewarm, Albeit Symbolic, Poems

  1. I tried my damndest to be ambidextrous but failed spectacularly. I wanted to learn to bat lefty as well, to be a double threat, but… not.

    You should think about changing the title of Wishes to Hope Floats. It seems fitting.

    I really think you need to read Rapture Ready (by Daniel Radosh) so you can put that one worry out of your mind. Get it from the library.


    • I will try to find a copy of that, it sounds really good. Will take into consideration “Hope Floats.” I came up with Rapture-Not-So-Ready after reading your brilliant post. On the ambi thing, if it makes you feel better, I can only write using my left hand, but i can’t really use my left hand for scissors or opening bottles. My brain be odd!
      Sometime if you want check out the post before this one if you got 16 excruciating minutes to kill with my videolog.


  2. wow, i love the strength and rawness of feeling with the line, “I am trying to be good, God”

    the sound is quite nice too, it matches the sentiment

    can i make a suggestion? when you change the color of the text midpoem… i think it would be super interesting if the colors of the text combined to make two seperate poems. does this make sense? what i mean is, reading the two colors on their own would make two OTHER poems, for a total of three.

    poem 1: reading poem straight through, color 1 + color 2
    poem 2: color 1 + color 1
    poem 3: color 2 + color 2

    make sense?


    • yes, it makes sense, but alas it was purely unintentional. Somehow part didn’t change to my usual purple, but I will definitely look into doing that. Thanks for the kind words and I truly appreciate it!


  3. i like them! the rapture bit… a scary thing indeed… i think about it often… i have so much i want to do in this life… and my grandkids… they’ve only begun…. but then again, heaven is surely going to make us forget anything that we wanted to do here!

    you write so well… express your thoughts so well…. thank you for sharing it with us all!


    • I have a feeling we’ll still be around for awhile. No one really knows when the world will end. The disciples thought Jesus would come back in their lifetime, but it is a bit creepy to me going all the way back to my childhood. I believe by the time the world ends, it will be such a lousy place people will want to leave. “Rapture” isn’t actually in the Bible, so who knows what’s real or not?


      • I agree… I don’t believe in the rapture theory, being raised Catholic… the bible says that on one knows when Jesus will return… only God knows…. but when these folks start trying to put together time lines and looking at it in a scientific way, it can be sort of startling!


  4. Cool write with so much to ponder within. I’m going to be stuck on whether or not pennies snatched do correlate with wishes unbecome, damn my anal retentive fixations…..


  5. I’m a leftie who throw rightie! Maybe that’s why I don’t throw well! I also have to use Paint rightie because our stupid mouse won’t work right in my left hand and I’m used to using it in my right anyway. That’s why my pics look like I have tremors!
    I love the idea of wishes being autonomous beings! Your poems sure gave me plenty to ponder this afternoon!


    • Thank you, Lola! I’m glad I left you with something to think about. I mainly see myself as a lefty since I write with my left hand and eat that way too, but virtually everything else is in right-hand mode.


    • Hi B.,
      Hope you’re still having a good time. Thanks for coming over. Aren’t you going to be raptured? If you decide to stay here and hang out with Jammer n’ Scott, I’ll stay and see how that tribulation thing goes since if those Left Behind chaps are correct, after we tribulate, we get another chance to infiltrate St. Peter at the pearly gates. I just hope Peter don’t smell the 40’s n’ blunts we did a’tribulating. Oh man I got a spurt of anxiety, but my Canadian professor (the one I named my cat after) always said that if Jesus is supposed to be our best friend, then he has a sense of humor. Canadian geology teachers always know best.
      But then he said he was a high Anglican, so maybe that means they all are high on Sundays and I’m screwed.


  6. My favorite is Wishes. What a great imaginative thought – the wish attached to the penny. And then you catch us by surprise when you dash our hopes, but leave us with a small assurance.

    Very ambidextrous.


  7. I love the opposites in the ambidextrous piece. I could relate to alot of what you shared in that one. But my fave of the three is the wishes piece… I love the questions, the doubts and concerns… all put to rest in the end. nice 🙂


  8. Well that’s odd five poems in one. But then again I’m fairly new to all the jingle poetry and challenges. I really enjoyed “Wishes” it flowed well… thought provoking. As far as the Rapture, I pray not before I become a millionaire. lol


    • I think that one was the hit of the post, Wishes. I’m probably going to rename it Hope Floats when I get to it. I wouldn’t mind being a millionaire either. Thanks for visiting and please come again!


  9. Brilliant poem .. it made me smile and it made me think, Bravo.
    I sometimes pop in and lurk, I will do it more, as many of the things you have to say a very insightful. You can write well you know: believe in yourself a little more !


    • I’m so glad you came by, Kiwi! Thank you for your kind words. Will look forward to seeing you again and will not be a stranger on your blog either!


  10. I like the ideas explored in your Wishes poem.

    P.S. I’m somewhat ambidextrous (I write illegibly with either hand) 😆

    I say ‘somewhat’ because somethings I do with my left hand, some with my right, and others I do with either hand.

    For instance, I can write with either hand, bowl with either hand (but throw overhand with my right), I use my right hand when using a corkscrew but my left hand to undo a screwtop or any tight fitting lid.

    Someone once told me, being ambidextrous, I would be better able to cope if I ever suffered a stroke that affected motor functions on one side of my body – It is not something I am keen to test 😦


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