My Mom’s Done Gone Made Me Worried

The reason I never say where I’m from, etc. on my blog is more so that I can say what I want without offending someone rather than being afraid of people. My fear of upsetting or angering folks I’ve known in the past has kept me in hiding in my writings, though everyone here basically knows it all. So what’s got me worried is this: I wanted to diss one of my neighbors, no names used or localities, but Mom’s like what if he or a friend of his saw it? I don’t think it would be possible, but if she’s right and he saw it would upset him. Though I’m right to be sore at him I think. Now I’m confused. What if I upset a bunch of people. I put a few posts to password protected when I shared my Jane Austen post on Facebook, but I yanked it off after 24 hours due to a lack of interest for which I was almost relieved. And what if as I write the story of my life and I piss people off with that too?

8 thoughts on “My Mom’s Done Gone Made Me Worried

  1. Lisa-
    Thanks for following me on twitter. I don’t know why you chose to, but I appreciate it none the less, AND I thought I would check you out. 🙂 I found this post very interesting. i found myself doing the same thing that you are doing now a while back on my own blog. While my solution ultimately may be different from what you yourself decide to do, maybe this will help. I posted a post a few months ago that I titled the disclaimer post. Check it out here:

    And let me know what you think 🙂

    Good luck!


  2. Do you know that people live/write to piss people off? That’s how they get attention. Do you think that the ‘Talking Heads’ would make the money they make if they didn’t tick so many people off? So what if you DO say something that someone else doesn’t like? Are you telling the truth or making things up? Do you even name them? Can they prove it’s them that you’re talking about. Just because they THINK it’s them is beyond your control. When ‘you’ sit in church and just ‘know’ the preacher is talking about YOU, so does the person next to you. You need to write just vague enough that they suspect you’re talking about them… but then you might be talking about some other neighbor. OR, you’re just making a hypothetical story to make a point. Which should always include a disclaimer “Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.” 🙂


  3. Lisa,
    As a writer we draw from our own experience. I suggest that you change all names, a few details, and write the whole thing in a short story. When you do that you’ve written a piece of fiction. Change the gender of your character or if they live in the city set the whole story in the country. This will give you the outlet you need but allow you to remove your worry. Write away dear friend! Kristen


  4. I say play the odds and post it. Especially if it’s something you need to vent about. You can still get your feelings out there without totally bashing your neighbor.

    Months ago, my neighbor annoyed me, so I posted a pic of her granny panties on her clothes line. She didn’t see it the post. Yet.


  5. quit worrying about other people’s reactions and feelings… write from your heart. if someone gets mad about what you write, it only means there is truth in your words… and they’ll get over it!

    changing names and such is always a nice idea to protect others… but in the end, as a person who writes (notice i don’t refer to me as a writer) i believe in writing what’s in my heart and my mind…

    however, i do know there are things that make me uncomfortable to tell… and i know you are the same… i generally just have to write it out, read it and see how it sits with me… if it sits good, i click on publish… if not… eh, discard it 😉


  6. Fictionalize it, like I do in my comic. Change the names, alter a few details so it isn’t “them” but make the point you want to make. And so what if they get pissed off. Ask me some time how I pissed off the scum of the webcomic community. It was the best laugh yet.


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