The reason I never say where I’m from, etc. on my blog is more so that I can say what I want without offending someone rather than being afraid of people. My fear of upsetting or angering folks I’ve known in the past has kept me in hiding in my writings, though everyone here basically knows it all. So what’s got me worried is this: I wanted to diss one of my neighbors, no names used or localities, but Mom’s like what if he or a friend of his saw it? I don’t think it would be possible, but if she’s right and he saw it would upset him. Though I’m right to be sore at him I think. Now I’m confused. What if I upset a bunch of people. I put a few posts to password protected when I shared my Jane Austen post on Facebook, but I yanked it off after 24 hours due to a lack of interest for which I was almost relieved. And what if as I write the story of my life and I piss people off with that too?