Trying to fancy up for the new year. Will have a blurb about everyone.  1 done. ADD. Just in case  it does take me a zillion years gonna ad right now, so she may take her rightful place as Queen Humor Blogger and let her duke it out with King Zodi of Spain a la for world domination.

I want to show my love and appreciation to everyone. I love everyone’s blogs that I read too  and want to do some little thing to show my thanks, hence this. I’m going to be adding more people too of my fav’s that I haven’t blogrolled yet.

Does anyone not see him/herself on my blog who would like me to add him/her? No obligation to put me on yours,  I promise.  The problem with my blog for one is I don’t fall into a certain niche really and many folks extremely reasonably keep their blogroll to a minimum and in their niche,  so I seriously would understand. So don’t hesitate to ask. The worst is I’ll say no, which is kinda unlikely.

Anyway, hope everyone had a good Christmas or Solstice or whatever!