Is this version of  Merry Holidays, Jesus! better than the original? They thought I   should cut out unnecessary words n’ crap…

Dear Jesus,

I think you should know,
some of your Father’s creations are a little slow.
Or is it me who’s a bit dense?
Not sure, but all this makes little sense.

It all has to do with a little word called ‘Christmas.’
Apparently there is a war on the word.
Have you in heaven heard?

As a mortal, this I can’t understand,
Did you actually make the demand
to nit-pick on a word not invented when you walked on earth?

When you were old enough to say it, did you cry out “Merry Christmas!”in Aramaic?

Do you spend time between listening to prayers despairing,
perhaps even swearing,
that ‘Xmas’ does not bear your last name?
Or are you in on the joke with the Greeks ,
using the ‘X’ as the abbreviation of Christ?

Is it really a vice to say “Happy Holidays!” a couple of times a year?
Or do you say, “Your inclusiveness should fry with you in the lake of hell?”
Is it bad for me to say “Merry Christmas” too?

Truthfully, Jesus, I’m in a stew,
so I guess I’ll leave it up to you.