Bad Sybil! Bad!

Okay then. The sun is out, it’s a new day, comments are back on, the toilet is flushed. I have simmered down from hating myself, just back to my normal ambivalence. Hope none of y’all are mad.  I have a little bit of a self-esteem issue, always have had one. Perhaps it’s the OCD, or folks in the distant past and what they said or did…my formative years were a tad odd, just a tad, as you may have surmised. Plenty of time to dredge that up later.

Anyway, I love you all and thanks. I just wanted everyone to know I’m OK now.

PS, I’ve been lax on comment replying and will reply to everyone today.

PS, PS, thanks for the very kind letter, Sheri. It made my day!