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Image via Wikipedia Ever use an image just 'cause you like it and it has no earthly reason to be there? Me neither! This is just me putting my poem to music and having a jamming session with a couple of my homegirls

I saw Jingle at http://jinglepoetry.blogspot.com ask me to submit a poem for Potluck, and I was like, oh yes, it is Monday isn’t it? So this weeks theme is animals n’ nature.  So I turned my mind to my cat, Phillippe, that 15 lb. monster always demanding wet cat food.  So in the vein of My Cat Jeoffry, here is another lunatic waxing poetic about her cat.

Phillippe, Phillippe, you  most sable of cats,

Bringer of all things happy, murderer of rats,

What are you thinking, oh noble lord of ghetto fief?

A castrato at 5 months,  it must not be  about  obtaining a wife.
Phillippe, Phillippe, your  eyes do glow,

God’s palate of orange, green, and yellow

.Do those orbs  vaguely conceal a soul?

Of conscious thought beyond the scope of human control?

Do you give me  comfort when I weep?

Or has your  mistress  torn the fetters of sanity away in a single cat-like leap?

Phillippe, Phillippe, a Christmas gift for me,

Better than electronics and in the  end much more costly.

You were sick and dying, we did not know,

Thank God for modern medicine, my beloved friend, and  800 dollars or so.

Phillippe, Phillippe, named after a professor,

you must be more than  a little bit clever,

With a cat’s heart from a broken mold

and a personality  too precious to be sold,

Phillippe the great and the bold.

But tell me, Phillippe, tell me please,

where were you those two months you took leave ?

When we moved to the new neighborhood and I feared you were lost for good?

Until one evening, there you stood

.Did you love me so much that you made sure you would find me again?

Now never roaming far from home,

Phillippe, Phillippe, my most constant friend,

I love you forever, understood?

Well, at least Phil's comfortable.