Mediocre Poetry: The Apartment Complex

Richard Milhous Nixon
Good Times! Image via Wikipedia

OK…So this was meant for, but too late. So y’all can laud or pan it or whatever, dear readers.  Buildings was this weeks theme.


Once upon a time, before ever I was born,

you were erected a little after 1971.

Brick and morter, cement and wood,

until one day there you stood,

13 buildings are lucky if an architect is in a good mood.


200 apartments that were state of the art back in the days when Nixon was not a crook,

splash in a pool built in the days before diving boards were took.

Snack bar, volley ball, n’ tennis,

Sit on your terrace without  fearing a menace.


But that was in 1972,

now the owners don’t know what to do.

Buildings age, wood rots,

but the staff cares not a lot.

One lives here because the rent is cheap,

lucky you if you don’t meet up with one of your creeps.


A Mexican man who spills his beer can down from his balcony,

A drag queen who owes me money,

Wife beaters and folks who can’t read,

a friendly ‘ex-rapist,’

drug dealers who meet the people’s need.

Some people have killed themselves here instead,

Guess it’s cheaper than moving,

but you don’t fill me with that kind of dread.

Apartment  complex of mine, I love you and hate you at the same time.


When I first saw you I knew you were just right  for me.

Unlike the house we had owned, no rats in the attic roamed.

The terrace was enough outdoor space without a lawn to mow.

Finally a pool within 50 feet of me not made of plastic, you know?

and a  few nice neighbors to balance  the plethora of trash,

no one’s  too nosy, they let us do what we wish without being rash,

my hoarding* or Mom’s gardening,

letting our cats roam ,

this is the perfect place for eccentrics  to  have friends but be left sometimes alone.

Apartment Complex, intellectual purgatory, I call you home.

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Catz in da Hood

* No I’m not as bad as Hoarders, or that short story I wrote, or those two guys in Harlem in the 1940s.

42 thoughts on “Mediocre Poetry: The Apartment Complex

    • Thanks, Amy! It’s true. People do off themselves on occasion, but I’m sure they had reasons besides it being cheaper. I love it here though.


  1. Haha, I absolutely love it Lisa. You are a new master. Maybe one day I can be your muse?

    I grew up in a town like this (only more crackheads) and I much prefer it to the boring ass suburbs which I will never live again. Ever!


  2. An apartment complex filled with eccentric people: Heaven on earth. Sadly, I’ve never enjoyed that experience, with neighbors who have to yell when arguing, or throw loud, drunken parties, or shootings, etc . . . .

    Can I move in?


    • Well, OK! We’ll have a good time being in da hood!
      But I don’t live in Compton or the really bad neighborhoods, so you can generally walk around w/o trouble in the day. They just let trashy folks in, not saying I’m much better since I’m a hoarder, I do tend to cuss when I get mad, and I am on disability. But…I don’t imbibe liquor, do drugs,or have lots (or any) of sex and parties, and I’m smarter than some people here though they wouldn’t know it ….wow that sounds arrogant, so I’ll add’ not that I gained anything by it.’ Lots of people think I’m slow, so who knows? I am a tad naive and I have a damn childish voice, plus I’m shy. Eh hell, maybe I am slow, but who cares? 🙂


  3. i keep telling ppl u should be published hehe.

    leave it to me… ill work my lil magic on this note.
    good stuff hehe loved it!


    • I know! Carla Faye Tucker must be smiling down from Heaven. Thankfully though, I think he may have moved.b
      He was so nice and reformed that I was totally creeped out by his goodness.


    • They rebuilt alot of the dull, drab projects here, threw out riff-raff, and now they live better than I do. That’s not a gripe. Those projects built here in the 30s and 40s were falling down and no doubt contributed to a belief there was no way out. We don’t liv in the projects, but some people in apartments are weird.


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