I posted my Playlist.com playlist 5 minutes ago, but deleted it ’cause it wanted to play on its own and I didn’t want to offend the sensibilities of my readers. If you still wish to hear music for an  OCD bloggergirl you can click the part that says “Popout Player” down my sidebar. You might find something you like, but it’s unlikely.

Another thing, if y’all are missing my posts on my life, still working on that. I will still be doing Jingle’s Poetry Potluck and stuff, but I’m working on the final thrilling episode about my kidneys too so if any ain’t digging my artistic offerings, please stay tuned and don’t get irked at me for writing poetry or fiction a lot.   I will keep writing for Jingle, but unless I can puke up my kidney episode I’ll sit out Magpie Tales until I can. It’s over 1k words now, but if it goes way over that, then I’ll break it up. Why don’t y’all try Poetry Potluck too? It’s fun! If Emily Dickenson were alive today she definitely would enter with me:


Now playing: Timbaland – Apologize You know, cause I’m apologizing?
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