My first poem for Poetry Pot Luck


Love: A Tragic Poem

Love has never been my friend;

It’s only stupid crushes ’til the end.

I kept looking for someone who understands,

Someone  I could also call a friend.

But my heart has too big a hole;

It’s just something I can’t control.

Love isn’t out there, it’s too far away.

It’s too beautiful, my mind says.

Lonlieness is easier than love,

Crying ever easier than happiness..

Better to remain alone,

My heart a vagrant with no home.

Love: A Semi-Tragic Poem

Love decided to not be my friend,

Since I stole and wrecked his  Benz.

I kept looking for someone who understands,

A friend who’d pay my bail with few demands.

I admit I ran into that pothole and lost control,

but you’d have done the same if  you  breathed in that much aerosol,

washing it down with a bottle of Nyquil to ease all the pain in my heart,

Grand theft auto and porn are easier than love from the start.

I could have found happiness in your arms,

but I guess that restraining order proves you’re immune to my charms.

Better to flee than call prison my new home,

Guess Tijuana will be where I roam.

S0uth Park pic from Used w/o permission.