Angry Talk (Comic Style)
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You are cordially invited to a Pity Party! Certain to be the gala event of the season, this party will be totally bitching in every sense of the word!

Where: Hotel d’ Hell, where they always leave the light on to scatter the roaches and usually get the blood out of the carpet when there’s a suicide. Meeting Room 101 next to the laundry room.

When: Whenever. After 8pm but no later than 6am October 24-25.

Attire: Black tie optional, but you must wear black. REMEMBER:  Dress to impress your fellow depressed & distressed!

Refreshments: The Coke  and snack machines are down the hall near the hookers. Bring quarters and Valium!

Passive-aggression is recommended and encouraged, so bring someone you’re mad at but don’t tell that person you’re angry. It would just spoil all the fun and mystery if you said the reason.

Please RSVP as soon as  possible and I will look forward so seeing you there!

Here comes the highlight of the Pity Party: I just pretty much don’t belong anywhere.

::Clapping ensues::

Night everyone and thank you for coming!

Mr. T Photo taken from  w/o permission