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Craptastic poetry time again. Here is my second poem for . What happened to last week’s  offering? The dang thing became a story and didn’t get it finished in time. It was kinda lame anywho, filled with melodrama and ‘archetypal characters.’ I wrote a crappy story in college with the  “archetypal characters ,blah, blah…..story told over and over…blech, blech….but good pacing” written on it. This story would’ve got a similar review, but I’ll drag it out someday when finished (sadly, my college one has been lost, but it was bad).   I also did poetry and had to learn to stop writing greeting card stuff.  This poem ain’t greeting card material unless Hallmark wants to open a  “Go On and Die Already” division.  


                                          Depressing much?                                                                                                                                     


The Hourglass of Life 


Into the world a baby comes, 

The Hourglass of Life is set. 

A game of chance has just begun, 

a time for Fate to place her bet. 


The baby is kept safe, 

only a few grains  of sand are suffered to drop. 

Lucky as some hearts  flutter and others stop.   


From baby to toddler, from toddler to child, 

the sands flow gently, death decides not to attack the mild. 

Life is safe, the sands won’t stop 

for the foolish teen becoming an adult. 


For the adult waiting for old age, 

the hourglass is now sitting on a stage, 

the sand is speeding up, 

 but not the adult. 


The end looms ahead.  

The last grain seeps through 

while the old heart stops ,  

for another the process  begins anew.