Good people of my blog, Scott’s blog is perhaps the funniest blog out there and well worth a gander if you’ve never read it before. The one character that stood out the most for me this time is ‘Rodrigo.’ He stood out so dang much I became inspired and wrote a story based on the post and the first comment i wrote. So if you want after you read his post but want more fictionalized version of Rodrigo, you might check out my story at the bottom of the page and if you thirst for a prologue to my stupid story look for my first comment. It’s somewhere.
Anywho, I urge you to thoroughly check out his blog while there. It really is hilarious and he’s a very nice fellow too.

Rejected Penthouse Letters I completely stole this idea from one of my favorite bloggers in the history of me having favorite blogs; the lovely, uber talented, and multifaceted (I think that means bendy, or maybe two faced, one of those) Bschooled. I figure now that she is getting published left, right, and center (and there are a lot more but this linky, codey stuff always ends up making me feel a little dizzy and light headed) she won't notice my stealthy stealing. This … Read More

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