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Your humble blogger  decided to take the  SITS Girls Problogger Challenge on Blogfrog.com. I’m late as always, but better late then never….and I  can’t afford the e-book they’re plugging. For about $15.00, I can learn world domination in the blogging world and gain an extra reader or two. But since it’s the end of the month, alas, I must remain in obscurity and somehow stay afloat on my Community College French Fries Degree.  But I do have a library book out on blogging now, a classic…..from 2002.  So they didn’t have Twitter or electricity back then, but the author seems very positive about her blogging experience.

My first mission is writing a short and a longer “elevator pitch,” something that’ll make the masses flock to my blog like ants to molasses or something. Dang, what can I write about this little hobby of mine that my mom and my best friend don’t get at all?  I’m obsessed with tapping my brain for whatever guts and matter that will leak out into this online bucket. The gunk runs slow into this bucket because  my thoughts are going too fast that they get clogged in the spigot and I must do something else because it’s all too much to write in 1000 words or less. I feel it must all get out, but my attention wavers very easily, always has. Jump here, there, what else should I be doing and am I doing it just right? Every time I click “publish,” I feel relieved and accomplished at the same time. Plus, heck, I have a terrible urge to confess my life, so there you go.  Then writing also helps me with my loneliness and anxiety, and  I’d like to think if other weird people come across this junk,. they’ll feel better too.

So let’s do this pitch thing already. I am rather sold on “OCD, Life, and Other Misunderstandings.” It was a recent addition. Sort of hoping the search engines would catch my blog and reel it in on some soul looking for OCD stuff, hence setting forth my twisted plot to  dominate the anxiety disorder blogs and be Head Head-Case. Ain’t working yet. I’m more stuck being the bathroom attendant in the blogosphere than Queen OCD, but thank heavens for the 31 DBBB challenge!

Anyway, if I were to change my ‘elevator pitch’ it would be something like – OCDbloggergirl: A Blog on OCD and Life  Fueled by a  Confessing Compulsion.

Well, it’s the truth.  Girlfriend likes….Nay, needs, to tell someone, especially if she’s feeling guilty, which is about 75% of the time. So might as well amuse somebody with it. Plus,  I just really like to write, and what subject do I know best? Myself. Yay!  But I think “OCD, Life, and Other Misunderstandings” best describes this blog.  ‘Cause my life is dominated by my perspective and actions as a person with OCD. But my life isn’t all about obsessive-compulsive disorder, so the other parts of my weird self and the world around me puts the ‘Life’ part in my tagline. ‘Other Misunderstandings’ just refers to everything I cough up, because the world itself is often a mystery.

Which do you prefer, if I might ask, on the tagline/ pitch?

OK, now for the bigger “Elevator Pitch” I’m supposed to write. It will be a sort of mission statement:

OCDbloggergirl: OCD, Life, and Other Misunderstandings is a blog chronicling the life of  a 32 year-old woman dealing with obsessive-compulsive disorder,  an anxiety disorder affecting about 2% percent of the population. The author wishes to expose what life is like with a mental illness many don’t understand and the struggles of just being different in general. By blogging about her unusual way of life and whatever else comes to her mind, the author hopes to help those people who consider themselves marginalized by society to feel less alone with their struggles. The blog’s other goal is to reach an audience who will actually read the author’s musings for sheer entertainment value and to maybe even elicit a laugh or two.