I began this post 4th of July weekend. I meant to make it into a What I Did on the 4th of July post, but only got a little bit done and set it aside.  Now I’m posting it because it’s a dwarfed essay or something, and I re-read it and decided, what the hell I’ll post it! So here it is until I can bang out something better.

My favorite holiday is Independence Day. I wouldn’t venture to say I’m the most patriotic American ever, my flag waving furiously as I chant “USA! USA!” But neither am I too down on my country either. In fact, I think America is the greatest country in the world, not that I’ve ever been out of the United States, or even out of the southern states, but yeah, USA is great! Canada may be Valhalla for all I know, China may be a swell place to vacation or raise your allotted one child, but all I know is I’m proud to be an American!

Yeah, we stole America, committed Genocide against Native Americans, had slavery and other blights to our history we’ll sweep under the carpet for now. Somehow, though, America transcends its checkered past and strives onward. I feel we still have many flaws, and in truth I suppose most people in other countries think their nations are the best, too. Even the majority of Mexican illegal aliens  appear to love their birth country best, even though they starved there.

We can boast a big influence on other countries. We were big players in women’s rights, we made government safety nets so that many people don’t starve to death during difficult times, our meritocracy gives hope to many to strive to be the best Horatio Algers they can be, and our civil rights/liberties are influential all over the world. We may be fat and unhealthy, but  thank heavens we live in a country where our fat isn’t bloat.

Pictures Taken on the Ferry Coming Home from the Parade