This was not the post I was going to write tonight,  but …..

You see, I was reading one of the posts on Prairie Populists and Progressives and it seems that the good Republican Party in  Texas has in its infinite wisdom decided to run on a half-assed platform that includes banning sodomy…Nevermind that the Supreme Court struck sodomy laws down as unconstitutional. But who listens to the Supreme Court today anyway?

Feeling in one of those silly moods I get from time to time, I decide I’m gonna write my comment as an ultra-Conservative Republican…you know, for shits and grins. I didn’t set out to write it as Sarah Palin, but she just came to me as I thought of ‘going gay.’ Going gay…..going gay….What does that remind me of? Oh yes! Going Rogue by Sarah Palin. Now, as far as I know, Mrs. Palin hasn’t (yet) said anything about Texas Republicans, etc. and so forth, so it’s all coming out of my ass (pun intended). You should check out the original Prairie Pops n’ Pro’s post where I wrote my response to  it as Palin. It’s a great  blog:

Anywho, this was my reply to the post; my valiant, if a tad lackluster, attempt at political satire. Let me know what you think, and PS, the photo is from


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An Open Letter of Response to Texas by Former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, as Dictated to Lisa

A reasonable law indeed! Every red-blooded American man has experienced the inconvenience and minor annoyance of being sodomized by one-of-them-gays and suddenly wanting to find a way to get married to him. I know my Todd has!
This is an essential law to save America or them-Mexicans-n-them-Muslims will take over and there won’t be none of us white folks anymore! Everyone knows white men are most susceptible to them-gays, because it’s a conspiracy between Barak Hussein Obama and Vicente Fox to take over the world!!!

Please!!! Please pass this law, Texas, to save our republic and life as we know it!
Statistics say a straight man in the state of Texas is Going Gay every .5 seconds; which, to put it in perspective, is at about the rate my book, Going Rogue, sells another copy on Amazon or at K-Mart or something. Is this a problem, Texas? You betcha! Not my book selling, cause everyone knows I am a talented author with a gift from God, but the Going Gay thing is a problem sure ’nuff.
I gotta go now, ’cause we’re having caraboo salad sandwiches for supper and if I don’t hurry we’ll have to wait.
Vote for me in 2012!
Sarah Palin